Every Man Jack Body Wash and Shower Gel

Best Overall Body Wash for Men

Why people love it
  • Light, manly scent is delicious and not overpowering
  • Not much needed for a luxurious lather
  • Cleans well and rinses away without leaving a film

  • Softening formula; great for dry skins
  • Animal-friendly and great ingredient list
  • Amazing price for a great product
  • The lack of a pump makes it a little difficult to get to the last bits
  • A few users experience reactions to the mostly natural ingredients

This amazing body wash is cruelty-free and has a lot of good-for-you ingredients inside the stylish bottle.

In addition to the terrific smell, users love that a little of this thick formula goes a long way, creating a wonderful lather. At the same time, it washes away easily without leaving a film.

This Every Man Jack Bodywash for Men, however, does not dry your skin (actually it seems to hydrate it). That boils down to the castor, clary sage, and rosemary oils inside - and the lack of ingredients such as synthetic dyes.

  • Parabens: No
  • Sulphates: No
  • Added fragrance: Yes
  • Cruelty-free: Yes

Skin type: This is designed for men's skin, and it's especially good for sensitive skins.

Scent: The cedarwood scent is light and smells a little more like manly lumber than a super-sharp pine forest.

Ease of application: The thick formula has a slickness that makes it easy to distribute. Users experience everything from moderate to luxurious lathering and it all rinses away easily.

Package size: There's a 16.9-ounce size available on Amazon as an add-on item - and it's probably the most cost effective option.

Price: As an add-on item, you get nearly 17-ounce for just under $6. That works out to roughly 35 cents per ounce, which is downright amazing for this best body wash for men.

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