Everpurse X Kate Spade New York Small Harmony Tote

Best Mother’s Day Gift Overall

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  • Absolutely beautiful 
  • Amazing gift 
  • Super charging features 

This handbag comes with its own charging pad to ensure the bag has enough juice to charge an iPhone on the move. Plus, it’s a gorgeous Kate Spade bag. What more could mom ask for?

It’s a little heavier than some users expect and, sadly, it only works with iPhones – Android users will need to wait their turn. 


She is going to fall in love with this. Indeed, if you get this for your wife as a Mother’s Day gift, she will be the happiest mom on the planet. Really, she’s ready to flip for just about anything Kate Spade and this super-gorgeous tote is no different. Besides being rather roomy, it features built-in charging for iPhones. (Sorry, no Androids.) All she needs to do is drop the bag on the charging pad when she gets home and the bag will power up. When she needs to charge her phone, all she has to do is tuck it into the charging pocket. Really, if you can afford this, your mom will love it.

Looking for alternative gifts for mom?

If you can’t convince yourself that she needs another purse – or just don't have the funds – perhaps it’s time to give a service like Plated a try. Pricing on plans varies according to the number of mouths you’ll need to feed and the number of nights you use this. But, you get everything you need to make incredible meals delivered to your house. No need for extra planning – and you can spoil her by helping out in the kitchen.

Of course, if you’re old-fashioned, you may just want to stick with flowers and breakfast in bed. They’re good standbys if she really does have everything already.

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