If organization or note taking is needed, this is the app to make it happen.  

  • Easily clip from the web, record audio or make your own notes
  • Organize notes into folders
  • Search for text throughout all your notes

Whether you're a student juggling classes or trying to make your work day easier, Evernote keeps you organized. It'll keep track of all your notes and articles to read. It's got a powerful search function which allows you to scan through all of your notes (including pdfs and jpegs) for a single word. You can also collaborate with classmates and colleagues in real time. Now that's powerful. For $5/month, you won't regret the decision to go for the premium edition. Still, there is free version available if you just want to try it out.

What Reviewers Say:

Whichever app platform you download this from, you will find incredible reviews from devoted fans. Here are just a few:

  • I use it every day For work notes, personal things like To do Lists, family birthday reminders, it syncs with all my devices. And it is not buggy, it always works.
  • I have ADD but this helps my overactive brain keep track of MANY things, especially my PFE (place for everything) lists, important school notes and communications for my 3 sons, medical info, etc. + remembering those random discoveries you find while out and about in the world. UPDATE SUMMER 2015 - still going strong and loving my Evernote! Now getting middle son to utilize it to keep track of all the information from his summer job applications and interviews - names, dates, references, etc.
  • I didnt want to love it I kept hearing about Evernote and it was everywhere and I wanted to be stubborn and pointlessly resistant so I didn't try it for quite a while. But after trying and uninstalling 17, yes 17, other note apps I finally tried this. And of course it is amazing and has features I didbt even know I really wanted. Its so versatile and quick. Stupid, awesome Evernote. ....

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