Why people love it
  • Keep your gym bag, laundry room, or storage spaces beautifully dry
  • Cheap, efficient, and reliable
  • The most user-friendly solution to eliminating moisture in small spaces

Built to last, highly portable, incredibly clever design, no need for energy or battery power, desiccant technology, use it anywhere, 333 cubic feet capacity, works for up to 10 years, needs to be "renewed" every 20 to 30 days, non-toxic, and child safe/pet friendly.

Not suited for large space and doesn't include extra controls or features.


Performance: This is a fascinating little dehumidifier. It doesn't work like your typical machine, but uses silica gel crystals to absorb moisture from the air. The gel crystals slowly turn from blue to pink as they contain more moisture. When they're fully pink, you need to plug the machine in for 10 hours, and it will eliminate the moisture—"renewing" the crystals so you can repeat the process all over again.

If you want user-friendly, it doesn't get any better than this! Though it can only dehumidify spaces up to 333 cubic feet, it's perfect for smaller, high-humidity rooms like your kitchen, laundry room, or storage cabinets. You can also use it in your gym bag to keep everything dry and odor-free. It's compact enough to be placed anywhere you want to reduce moisture.

Features: The little dehumidifier comes with a single feature: non-toxic, child and pet-safe silica gel crystals that absorb moisture. With no wires, it's safe to use anywhere in the house. All you have to do is plug it in at the end of 20-30 days (the average amount of time it takes to absorb 4-6 pints of water), and it will automatically be renewed. 

Price: At $15, how could you say no to this little dehumidifier? It has a lifespan of up to 10 years, is 100% renewable, and a great option for compact humidity removal!

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