Euphoria by Calvin Klein Perfume for Women

Best of Bold/Modern Cheap Perfumes for a Ladies Night Out

Why people love it
  • Will make you feel strong, sexy, and confident
  • Scent lasts all day
  • Classic fragrance perfect for date 

Too overpowering for a day scent - better for nights out.


The word euphoria itself means intense excitement and happiness. That's exactly what we felt when we tried this product, Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Sexy and sensual, this scent speaks to the woman who has the urge to break free from everyday life - to be tempting and different.

Scent: Euphoria has the perfect combination of musk and sweetness. It has delicious warm notes that balance out the fruity and floral notes. Smells like sweet pomegranate, lotus, orchid, mahogany, amber and cream. A little goes a long way with this little gem. A tiny spritz gives a dense, heavy scent. So one or two spritzes will be enough!

Price: This price reflects the 1.7 fluid ounce bottle, but there are other sizes. At $69, this is a great price for a cheap, top-rated perfume.  

What reviews say:

Women online love this fragrance. Here's what they think.

  • "This is a super sexy fragrance. Great for fall or evening. I feel so powerful, brave, and strong, and of course sexy when I wear this. It turns heads and I have received compliments on this one several times. The bottle is unique, and modern. I will be purchasing this again and again."
  • "I have never received so many compliments on my smell - especially from men. Wearing it makes you feel powerful and sexy. Definitely worth every penny!"
  • "This is one EUPHORIC fragrance... I swear - I feel happy, sexy, beautiful and powerful every time I wear it - isn't that why it's called 'Euphoria'?"

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