Best Christmas Gift for the Boyfriend that Loves to Jam Out

Eton Rugged rukus Waterproof Speakers
  • Impressive durability and sound quality
  • Versatile; can be used anywhere, with any mobile device
  • Very nice item for the price

Perfect for him to enjoy music  on the trail, in the garden or at the beach; solar-powered, water resistant, tough, charges his smartphone, 8-hour battery life, and great sound quality and volume.

The quality of sound decreases after being exposed to water.


Details: If he can't hit the trail, campground, or beach without his tunes, this is the perfect gift for him! The Eton Rugged can be wirelessly connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device to stream music. The speaker charges his smartphone via USB, so the tunes never stop.

The Solar Panel powers the rukus indefinitely when you're in the sun. The speaker also comes with a micro-USB cable to charge internal lithium ion battery. Best of all, the battery lasts 8 hours indoors--or indefinitely if you keep the Rugged rukus in the sun. With IPX 4 waterproofing, he'll never have to worry about the speakers getting damaged or breaking when wet.

Price: Starting at just over $50, this is a fairly well-priced speaker system, one that delivers good sound quality and amazing durability for a reasonable price. Definitely worth it if he loves listening to music outdoors!


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