Esteem Apparel Compression Workout Shirt

Best Athletic Shapewear for Men

Why people love it

• Improves appearance of "man boobs"; perks up chest muscles

• A practical solution to looking better in any shirt

• Lightweight and form-fitting without being too tight or slimming

Reduces chest sagging, slimming for chest and stomach, fits under any T-shirt or collared shirt, soft, breathable, lightweight, perfect mixture of nylon and spandex, extra firm, encourages better posture, provides back support, and features great elasticity.

Sizes run large and the thick seams are visible through the shirt.


Comfort: The tightness of the shirt can help to encourage better posture and offer some back support. You'll find it's nicely elastic and easy to pull on and off without struggling (a problem with some compression garments). The sizes do run a bit larger than expected, so shop accordingly.

You'll love the lightweight, breathable material. It can help to keep you cool at the gym and wick away moisture, and it won't shrink in the wash. The nylon and spandex mixture makes it a long-lasting shirt that will keep up with your daily activities.

Fit: If you're self-conscious about your appearance, this is the undershirt for you. It's designed to compress and lift your chest, hiding any "man boobs" (extra chest fat). However, it also pulls tight around your stomach, streamlining any additional fat around your belly or love handles. It's not the most comfortable shirt (it's always tight against your body), but it ensures that you look your best in your T-shirts, dress shirts, or gym clothes.

Price: At $27 per shirt, this is definitely one of the pricier workout shirts on our list. However, for guys who want to hide their man boobs or a bit of extra gut fat, it's an amazing item to have!

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