Why people love it


  • Good for all skin types 
  • Makes you feel (and smell!) fresh as a cucumber 
  • Helps even out skin tone 


When you’re looking for the best night cream overall, you can’t do better than this one from Estée Lauder. It’s fantastic for all skin types, it’s lightweight, and it’s absolutely refreshing.



Benefits: While this night cream might not help you fill in lines or wrinkles, it does work to reduce uneven skin tone, aging spots, and enlarged pores. It also works really well at giving men and women smoother, fresher-feeling skin. 

Skin Type: This works well for everyone. Oily to extra dry, you won’t want to stop using this cucumber-scented anti-oxidant night cream. 

Price: While it’s more expensive than something you’d find at the drug store, there are definitely pricier night creams out there that don’t work half as well as this one does (or feel as good).

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