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  • Over 100 fabulous colors to choose from
  • Sold just about everywhere
  • Buy it for under $10

Some reviewers complain that the formula is a bit thin and watery, but Essie has seemed to answer the call and improved their formula in recent years.


Specs: Essie's exclusive award winning formula provides flawless coverage with a classic, chic, elegance that is perfect for any occasion, from a special night out to everyday wear. As an added bonus, Essie nail polishes are DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde free. Also, this polish dries quickly, which is a huge plus!

Shade Range: Known as the ultimate color authority, Essie offers a range of over 100 colors in up-to-the-minute colors with the most fabulously, whimsical names. Although Essie offers shades perfect for any season and occasion, our personal favorite (and the favorite of millions of women on Pinterest) is Angora Cardi. It's a beautiful, deep rose color that's totally versatile and can be worn all year long.

Also, if you're looking to smooth imperfections or hide discoloration, Essie also offers a Ridge Filling Base Coat that works wonders on damaged nails. Try one coat to even out your nail surface beautifully or two coats to create a sheer, pearly look.

Staying Power: One of the biggest reasons we selected Essie as the best polish overall is due to its outstanding durability and chip-resistant formula. Sure, it's no no-chip manicure, but it will last for a solid week with little to no chipping.

Price: Not the cheapest on our list, but at a price of $9 a polish you can afford to buy a whole range of colors! Much cheaper than a no-chip manicure and much gentler on your nails as well.

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