Why people love it
  • Explore the history of each salt with an informative brochure
  • Attractive containers look great on a counter or oven
  • Unique flavors

Sometimes it’s hard to remove the cork tops.


Why she needs it: Sometimes it’s a major pain to deal with the picky palates of kids (and significant others). A foodie mom can jazz up everyday meals, such as mac and cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches, with a pinch of gourmet finishing salt. She gets to lend a subtle, yet fancy, touch to simple recipes, and family members probably won’t gripe that the food looks or tastes weird. Everybody wins.

Kids get sick of the same old “What’d you do in school today” banter. Help a beloved foodie mom liven up dinner table conversations with the included brochure that details the history of each salt.

Price: Expect to spend around $40 per set. This is a reasonable price when you consider that your favorite foodie won’t empty out all 6 containers right away.

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