Escort Solo S3

Best Cordless Radar Detector

Why people love it
  • Ideal for anyone who drives multiple cars and travels often
  • Up to 40 hours of battery power; great for use anywhere in the country
  • Easy to operate thanks to OLED screen and multiple control buttons

Reduced capacity and range when on battery power and does not provide GPS alerts.


Performance: For those who spend time traveling around but switch cars often, this radar detector is just what you need. While it can operate using a power cord, it's also designed to run on battery power. You get 30 to 40 hours of operation per pair of AA batteries. Thanks to its portable design, it's a device you can carry with you anywhere you travel.

It's compact and discreet, so it can be set up on your dashboard or windshield easily. It's easy to move from vehicle to vehicle and run immediately. No need to fiddle with power cords! Though it doesn't have the best range, it's reliable enough to take on any trip.

Features: The Escort Solo doesn't have GPS positioning, so it won't be able to "learn" where threats are for the future. It's not the most feature-rich device either, but it does a good job of detecting radar bands and alerting you to hidden police cars. All in all, a decent option if you want something portable.  

As an added bonus, the auto shut-off feature will help to conserve battery by turning off the radar detector if your car remains motionless for more than 25 minutes.

Price: At $243, this is one of the lowest-cost radar detectors on our list. If you travel in rental cars often, this is the perfect device to bring with you on your trips!

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