Escort Passport 9500ci Enhanced

Best High End Radar Detector

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Escort Radar
Why people love it
  • Jam laser guns; never get a ticket again
  • Highly reliable and versatile; packed with useful features
  • Discreet, sturdy, and user-friendly

VERY expensive.


Performance: This bad boy has been nicknamed the "Lamborghini of radar detectors". Odd moniker aside, it really is a high-end radar detector that delivers high quality performance, laser jammers, and many, many more features that make your life easier.

Not only is it easy to use—thanks to the intuitive controls and auto-learn feature—but it's also one of the most reliable of the radar detectors on our list. You'll get many happy years of use from the radar detector, which is surprisingly compact and easy to install on your dashboard. It has a beautifully unobtrusive design that will make it all but invisible to passing cars.  With the Escort Live app (compatible with iOS/Android), it's a highly user-friendly device.

Features: This is where the Passport 9500ci really shines! It comes with some amazing features, including laser jammers to prevent police laser guns from locking onto your car. And, the twin antennas boost both the sensitivity and range of the radar detector, giving you a full 360-degree field of protection.

The auto-learn feature is another huge selling point. The GPS-enabled device will mark the location of false alerts and after three false alerts will prevent the alarm from sounding in the future. Thanks to the intuitive controls, you can reduce the frequency of false alerts as you drive through the city and down the highway.

Price: At $2,000, this is definitely the priciest of the radar detectors on our list. It's definitely worth the price if you are looking for a top-notch high end radar detector to take on your cross-country travels, but that price tag is a big one to swallow for most people.

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