The shorts are versatile - useful for TRX training, martial arts/MMA training, sports, and Yoga.

  • Microfiber breathable fabric for cooler workouts
  • Inside front liner

For guys who like short shorts, this is the pair to wear - and they give you an awesome range of motion no matter what complex poses you're trying to assume. The fabric is beautifully breathable and keeps you nice and cool.

What Reviewers Say:

If the reviews are anything to go by, you're going to love these yoga shorts.

  • These are very well made and fit great. I mostly wear a small but opted for medium and I am happy with the fit. I needed something for dance class and yoga. They stretch well but the fabric is thick so your junk/butt don't show through. I use them for martial arts practice at home but because boxing gear at the gym is always baggy, I don't wear them into the ring.
  • I've been practicing Bikram yoga for close to two years and these shorts have become my go to yoga shorts. It took me a while to get comfortable wearing just these shorts while practicing yoga, as you'd imagine, but now they just feel like a second skin. They are form fitting and allow complete and unrestricted movement.
  • I like the length of this short as I feel is gives me sufficient coverage and I don’t have to worry about showing to much during yoga class. The fabric is comfortable and very breathable. The contrast colored stitching is a nice added detail.

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