Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

Best Christmas Gift for New Parents

Why people love it
  • Super comfortable (for wearer and baby) 
  • Excellent quality 
  • Good support and safe for baby

It’s a little difficult to secure alone; may require two people. The Velcro adjustments, while very safe, are very loud. 


Meaningfulness: For new parents, any and all baby gear will be an amazing gift. This baby carrier is as good as it gets: sturdy construction, machine washable, and doesn’t ever make parent or baby too hot. It’s exceptionally comfortable and it features easy to make adjustments so many different care givers can use it to carry baby around. Better still, it’s designed for natural hip development, so parents can feel great about putting their baby in it. No matter how the little darling sits—in one of the 4 different positions: front facing, front back facing, back and hip carrying--the infant's spine curves in the natural (and desirable) C position.

Originality: This is a gift that your new parent friends are guaranteed to love! Not only is it a super practical gift, but it's stylish—it comes in 18 different colors, and it's a sleek-looking baby carrier. It's also beautifully easy to clean, with a machine-washable shell and cotton padding for the little one.

Price: Yes, $160 is a high price to pay for a gift for your friends. However, it's a good way to make up for not showing up to their baby shower or getting them a congratulatory present on the birth of their little one. Plus, the carrier is worth every penny!

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