Why people love it
  • High-quality steak knives for a low price
  • Look more expensive than they are
  • Easy to handle

The Equinox steak knife set is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to cut down on pricey expenditures for the home without skimping on quality.

Some customers say the serrated blade shreds their meat and doesn’t provide the smooth cut of a flat-edged stainless steel.


Sharpness: None of the reviews we saw had anything to say about issues with their sets going dull. That being said, it’s important to remember that the cheap cost of these will probably come at a price (see the Cons above).

Feel: With a full tang blade (meaning that it runs from tip to tip) and a sturdy Pakka wood handle, these steak knives are easy to grip and handle.

Price: Amazon may offer these at a discounted rate, but you might be better off going to your local Kohl’s to find them for an even cheaper price. And if you should run into any issues with breakage, rusting, or any other problems, there’s a 100% lifetime warranty you can cash in on.

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