Why people love it
  • Thinner edges make these appear natural
  • Good for sports bras
  • Different sizes correspond to your cup size

The rounded edges and tapered edges are super comfortable and you can expect to go up a cup size – regardless of your existing cup size (up to D cups). They don’t fold and flop in the water and are great for sports bras.

These aren’t the cheapest bra inserts out there – and they provide a more natural boost, not a pushed up cleavage.


Besides the hearts on the inside of these inserts (which are super cute), we absolutely love the tapered rounded edges. That makes these inserts perhaps the most natural looking and comfortable feeling. That’s a big deal when you want to work out or wear tight tops, but still want to give yourself a little enhancement.

They’re less “chicken fillet” and more padded cup, which suits many women to a T. And, these bra pads are ordered according to your existing cup size – not some strange sizing system that only applies to the brand. In case you’re interested, these inserts match best with the cup sizes of Victoria Secret bras. There is, however, a sizing chart available as there are a few “in between” sizes that skew a little differently than you might expect.

The ability to slip these bra pads into just about any bathing suit or sports bra is a real plus and we believe they’re worth the money. Of course, we also wish they offered more color options; this isn’t the right tone for everyone to have under their swimsuit.

Material: Soft-touch, breathable foam.

Color: Peach

Sizing: A-cup, B-cup, C-cup, D-cup. For the most part, you should order according to your existing cup size – not the size you want to appear to be. There is a sizing chart however, as there are a few exceptions to the rule and you should definitely consult the guide – even if you think you’re a “standard” cup size.

Shape: A triangle shape with curved edges for roughly 70% coverage. Padded hearts provide lift on the interior.

Safe for water wear: Yes

Number of pairs: Just one pair per box.

Cost: At $29, these are on the pricier side, though they’re not anywhere close to the most expensive bra inserts out there.

Bottom line: They are a little pricier than other options, but this is value for money and we think the ability to choose according to your real cup size is a big perk. Of course, if you’re after more of a Pamela Anderson look, these are not going to do it for you.

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