Why people love it
  • Versatile formula suitable for babies from 0 to 12 months
  • Produces very little gas-inducing foam
  • Supports the immune system with prebiotics

A basic formula that works well for various ages and dietary needs. Contains simple ingredients that are gentle on your little one’s digestive tract. What more could you ask for?

May contain genetically modified ingredients. Not an organic formula.


Type: This Enfamil formula comes in powder-filled canisters, ready-to-eat bottles, and concentrated liquid blends that require water. We decided to focus on these refill pouches because they’re cheaper than all of Enfamil’s other options for this variety. However, it’s nice to have options, so we’re psyched that Enfamil offers so many different types of the same formula.

Ingredients: Enfamil is phasing out genetically modified ingredients in many of its formulas, but at the moment, this regular infant formula may still contain GMOs. Aside from that, we’re a fan of the ingredients - in particular, the innovative Neuro Complete blend that helps strengthen your tiny tot’s cognitive skills with a brain-friendly combo of DHA and choline.

Ease of Use: We’re not going to lie to you: these refillable pouches are slightly messier than the regular canisters of Enfamil. We recommend transferring each pouch to an empty Enfamil canister (which is what the pouches are designed for) or some sort of similar container to prevent powder from getting all over your counter when you make a bottle. The refill package does include a scoop, so don’t panic if you tossed one in the recycle bin with an empty canister.

Price: At $1.11 per ounce, these refill pouches fall in the middle of the price range for the infant formulas on our list. Remember, refill pouches are typically cheaper than regular canisters of Enfamil, so save your empty containers and stock up on refills. To make live easier, you can stick one pouch in an empty canister you may have lying around at home and keep the other in your diaper bag or at daycare - we at Faveable can give you some first-hand advice that this is a good way to save from shelling out money for a brand new canister.

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