Why people love it
  • Great high impact sports bra
  • Holds breasts firmly in place
  • Comfortable

When you’ve got larger breasts, there’s nothing worse than trying to fit your girls into two sports bras. Luckily, you don’t have to do that when you have one as reliable as the Enell which will hold your breasts firmly in place while still giving you the freedom to move. 

Most customers say that this brand tends to run small, so be sure to check the reviews to see how they figured out the right size for them before you make a purchase. 


Size: Comes in sizes for C to DDD.

Performance: This is high impact all the way.

Comfort: So long as you get this bra in the right size, you should fit comfortably within it.

Support: This bra offers a super supportive and no-bounce sports bra, giving you the freedom to do any sort of exercise your heart desires.

Price: It’s a little pricey, but what sports bra isn’t? (Especially for larger breasted ladies.)

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