Emporio Armani Men's Crew-Neck Lift T-Shirt

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Why people love it

• The perfect compliment for a dress shirt or sweater

• Soft, comfortable, good fit, and lightweight

• Ideal for light sweating activities



Not suitable for men who sweat a lot or for active use. Additionally, it may shrink in the wash.


Comfort: For those who want a quality, good-looking undershirt (that can double as exterior shirt), you'll love this Emporio Armani offering. Few shirts are as soft or comfortable as this 100% cotton undershirt. It's great for pajamas, relaxing around the house, or wearing under a suit and tie to feel a bit less stuffy.

The material is a tad on the thin side, so it's not the best at absorbing moisture/sweat. You will want to keep it for lounging around the house or for use at work, never for the gym. However, if you're going to a relaxed environment, it can be a good option to wear if you think you'll take off your sweater or collar shirt. The Armani logo on the chest and neck makes it a highly stylish option.

Fit: Some users have complained that the shirt shrinks in the wash, so consider buying a size larger than normal. Thanks to the slim fit and the slimming color (black), it's a great undershirt for heavier men. It also comes in plain white for business/formal use. It has the classic crew neck, but the neckline isn't so tight as to make the shirt feel restricting. It can be worn under any dress shirt or sweater, and it's a beautifully lightweight fabric that will be slimming and comfortable.

Price: At $40 for a 3-pack, this is slightly on the pricier side of things. However, given the quality and elegance of the Armani brand, it's definitely a price worth paying. You'll find these undershirts are as stylish and long-lasting as you could ask for. A VERY recommended purchase!


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