Why people love it
  • High-quality and well-fitted
  • "Epitome of high class product"
  • Stretch cotton jersey features a soft cloth finish

These best mens underwear have a classic fit - and flashing a little of the label will put you in league with celebrities (almost).

Material begins to wear quickly.


Emporio Armani's boxer brief sales took off when celebrities such as David Beckham and Rafael Nadal modeled their underpants. If you're looking for a reasonably-priced classic fit, this could be the one for you.  Men rave about them, and the ladies love these sexy mens underwear too (promise).

What Reviewers Say: 

These are always a popular choice, even if they are on the expensive side. It's safe to say that these are the undergarments you want on a date based on reviews.

  • "Really like the eagle and because I do care about how I look, I know when I'm getting changed at the gym, the guys look at these and recognize the brand...they look expensive and makes me look like I have good taste. The wife loves them as well."
  • "Top notch quality.. It is very comfortable to wear. I am very happy with the purchase. Will buy again in future."
  • "Literally the best underwear I've ever purchased. Looks so nice, makes your butt look round and defined."

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