Herman Miller Embody Chair

Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Back Pain

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Why people love it

  • Molds perfectly to body 
  • Gets rid of pain instantly and keeps you pain free 
  • Great-looking ergonomic office chair 


Although you might think it’d be price, it’s actually setting control that seems to be the biggest problem with this chair. Many customers have struggled to find the right settings adjustments for them. There are plenty of videos available online, however, that should help with that issue.


Support: The Embody chair comes with six ergonomic functions that support good posture, strong back support, and extreme comfort so you can focus less on pain and more on the work ahead of you.

Comfort: Many customers describe this chair as feeling as if it molds perfectly to their bodies—which is a good thing, especially when you have to sit in it for long stretches.

Cost: Price is obviously the first drawback noted, though no one seems to consider this a con since this chair is a miracle worker when it comes to pain relief. It also comes with a 12-year warranty.

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