Elvis Onesie Costume

Best Newborn Halloween Costume

Why people love it
  • Authentic design
  • Comfortable material
  • Easily recognizable costume

Gold font spells out “The King” and “Elvis Lives,” so it’s pretty easy for other people to identify the costume. Soft fabric keeps your baby warm during trick-or-treating or holiday parties.

Several parents say this costume runs small, so keep that in mind when you choose a size. A couple reviewers recommend cutting the jumpsuit’s neck if you have trouble fitting your child’s head through the costume.


Design: This is one baby Halloween costume you won’t want to return to sender. A soft polyester hat protects your little one during chilly autumn nights while verifying he - or she - is really “The King.” Black booties emblazoned with “Elvis Lives” give some cred to National Enquirer’s hopeful headlines, while decorative liberty birds lend an authentic touch to this replica Aloha jumpsuit.

Reviewers warn that this cute costume runs small, so consider getting a bigger size than your child usually wears.

Accessories: Dress your baby in black booties that are perfect for doing the jailhouse rock - well, from the comfort of an infant carrier. This jumpsuit also comes with a comfortable hat.

Some reviewers gripe that this costume doesn’t have enough bling; they recommend gluing sequins and glitter to it. If you decide to go that route, please be careful. Bedazzling your little one’s Elvis costume exposes him to potential choking hazards.

Maintenance: Sorry, you’ve got to wash this polyester piece by hand rather than throwing it in the washer. Anything for The King of Rock and Roll though, right?

Price: We can’t help falling in love with the reasonable price of this officially licensed onesie. Expect to pay between $25 and $30.

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