Why people love it
  • Waterproof outer layer provides easy clean-up for older dogs
  • The bed provides not only support but comfort
  • Bed works perfectly for dogs of all sizes who have joint, movement, and other arthritic issues

According to dog expert Sarah Wilson, good sleep and even better support are essential in the life of any dog. For senior or arthritic dogs who struggle with sleeping comfortably or who suffer from incontinence issues, these beds are a life saver! Previous customers report that the heavy-duty construction has helped their dogs sleep more soundly at night and that the waterproof covers make clean-up much easier.

A number of users reported two issues with this bed: that the bed is not 100% waterproof as advertised and that there is a lingering odor from the bed’s materials.


Support: The memory foam used to construct these beds is three times heavier and five times denser than what many other pet beds use for filler, so they strike a great balance between support and comfort.

Size: While you'll usually see this bed show up on best orthopedic bed lists for large dogs, this works just as well for smaller breeds that require extra support. These beds come in a variety of sizes, so they're not just for the extra-large members of your family. They stand about four inches off of the floor, so regardless of your dog's size, these make for easy in-and-out of bed.

Scent & Stain Control: The manufacturer claims that the external and internal cover layers are both waterproof and easy to wash—and most online customers have been willing to back up that claim. It is important to take note that some have reported otherwise, so always make sure to have an additional (waterproof) layer on hand if your dog is prone to a lot of accidents.

Value: Ranging in price from $60 to $110, this bed is a steal. In terms of pricing, you really can't get a better deal for an orthopedic bed that caters to dogs of all sizes that struggle with mobility issues. 

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