Elmer’s Galaxy Slime Starter Kit

Best Gift for a Girl Who Loves Slime

Why people love it
  • Creates Pinterest-worthy slime
  • Makes huge batches of slime
  • Quiet activity that keeps kids entertained

Nontoxic, washable formula is gentle on hands - and clothes. Encourages age-appropriate STEM activities with safe materials.

Doesn’t come with everything you need to make slime. Luckily, the other ingredients (baking soda and contact lens solution) are common things you might already have at home.


Why she’s gotta have it: The slime craze is still going strong! Making homemade slime is a fun activity that she can do alone or with siblings and friends. It’s easy to make slime with this kit, so you don’t have to scour the Web for the perfect recipe.

Shopping for a kiddo on the spectrum? Slime is popular with kids who have autism or sensory processing issues, but neurotypical girls also love it. Kids often find it relaxing to squish and squeeze the slime with their hands or roll it flat across a tabletop.

Price: This slime kit costs around $15, and it comes with nearly everything your favorite girl needs to get started. For a few more bucks, you can include some baking soda and contact lens solution so she can enjoy her gift right away.

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