Ellegantz GenieBidet Seat

Best Cheap Bidet Toilet Seat

Why people love it
  • Much cheaper than most smart toilet seats
  • Easy to install and use; no electrical wiring needed
  • Cleaning made easy for men, women, and children alike

Round version not compatible with elongated toilet.


Features: This bidet toilet seat comes with only a few features: dual nozzles for feminine and rear washing, water warmed to room temperature, and adjustable water pressure. The simple operation makes it easy for anyone to use--children, adults, and seniors.

Design: The design of this toilet seat is simple and comfortable. The soft-closing lid will reduce wear on the toilet seat, and the sleek, modern look and contour of the seat will keep your bottom comfy, even if you spend a long time on the toilet (common for people with digestive problems).

The installation of the seat is very easy. Without electrical components, there is no wiring needed, so you can set it up in just a few minutes. The seat is designed to be easily removed for when you have visitors.

On the downside, it's ONLY compatible with elongated front toilets. If you have a round-front or standard toilet seat, the Genie Bidet won't work for you.

Price: The low price tag (just $100) is what makes this one of the top bidet toilet seats on our list. It may lack the versatility and high-end features of the pricier models, but it's a good option for those who want a simple bidet toilet seat at a reasonable cost. 

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