This Electrolux front loader offers the most incredible range of features known to washing machines.  That, and it has a 4.4 cubc foot tub and operates with high-efficiency steam. 


To start with the rather boring specs (as far as this machine is concerned), it measures 38" high, 27" wide and has a depth of 31.5".  It is stackable, and you can add risers if you like.  The tub is a rather generous 4.4 cubic feet, even if it is not the largest you can get these days.  Plus, it has a reversible door hinge; feel free to customize your space.  

When it comes to the cycle descriptions, you can expect the usual permanent press, delicate, hand wash and second rinse.  The standard wash cycles on this washer include deep-clean sanitize, heavy duty, whites, colors, normal, casual, active wear, fast wash, delicate-and-hand wash as well as a rinse-and-spin cycle. The specialty cycles include jeans, fast sanitize, stuffed toys, pet beds, clean washer, steam pretreat, kids wear, fast steam and a cycle for wool items.  Yes, pet beds.  How convenient is that?  All in, there are 20 cycles with 12 additional options (though you may not be able to use all options on all cycles). 

Now, in addition to these features, you can also expect this ENERGY STAR rated washing machine to cost you between $11 and $13 in electrical costs.  And the noise reduction feature does mean that it will run quietly while doing so - very quietly according to users.  

But, when it comes down to it, this machine's features and washing options like steam cleaning and special washes for jeans is what really makes this machine shine.  It simply excels at washing clothes (and pet beds).  Your biggest challenge will be figuring out the best cycle to use - and getting over the pithy 1 year limited warranty.

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