This Electrolux front-loading washer with Perfect Steam™ in white has a tub with 4.3 cubic feet of capacity.  But, the reason you'll buy this machine is for it's unique combination of efficiency and features.


This wachins machine is 38" tall without risers (and a matching pedestal is available).  It's 27" wide and 31.5" deep.  More importantly, it has a reversible door option and the machine is stackable which is handy in smaller spaces.  

But, if you're looking for a multitude of cycle options to wash anything you can cream up, this machine has some really stunning options.  All the standards are included in the 17 different wash cycles and 6options available,  You are also able to choose from 5 soil levels, and 5wash and rinse temperatures for each load.  This washer will also automatically recall the last wash you did (just in case you only ever wash the same load of laundry).

As for eco-friendly, this machine does a decent job.  There is a option to drop the tempurature a bit on your standard cycles and the eco-cold wash will really take it down, if that's what you're interested in.  Accordingly, it is ENERGY STAR certified and should cost you less than $12 annually to run as far as electrical consumption is concerned.  At the same time, this machine is quiet.  

The benefits of this machine are the Perfect Steam option which will get out even the deepest, longest-lasting stains and the NSF certified allergen cycle.  Unfortunately, the warranty only covers 1 year in full, with a limited 2nd year.

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