Why people love it
  • Highly reliable, and feature-rich 
  • Projector can be adjusted to make the time visible at any angle
  • Backup battery means alarm is always on; device auto-resets after power outage

Projects the time onto your wall or ceiling, packed with features, user-friendly and easy to set, also equiped with both battery and wall power.

LCD is very bright at night, even when on "dim" setting.



What makes this the best unit around? In large part, it's due to the LED projector that displays the time on your wall or ceiling. The projector arm swivels 180 degrees, allowing you to point it in the direction you find most convenient. The displayed numbers are VERY large, making it easy to see at night (especially for those who wear glasses). The unit plugs into the wall, but it has a built-in battery as a backup in case of a power outage. Once the power returns, it automatically resets to your alarm settings. All in all, a VERY reliable device!


The 3.6" LCD screen displays the numbers clearly, though it can be a bit bright for people who like total darkness. It auto-adjusts to Daylight Savings Time, and the dual alarms can be programmed not only according to time, but also day of the week (no ringing on the weekends!). There are two alarm options: radio and buzzer. However, it also functions as a sound system, with an auxiliary cable that can connect to your music players.


$40 may sound like a lot to pay, but it's a fair price to pay for this bad boy. Considering its reliability and convenient features, you'll find that this baby is definitely as good as it gets for the price.

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