Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Boy that Sleeps Too Late

Electrohome Cool Projection Alarm Clock
  • Easy to use
  • Great visible display
  • Love the projection feature
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Automatically sets the time and date – and even saves the alarm settings in case the power goes out. Besides the time projection, it’s also a speaker.

The light can be rather bright, even on the dim setting. And, you’ll need an aux cable to connect music to this alarm clock.


Details: It doesn’t matter whether your teenager oversleeps or not, this is a super rad gift for any teen. From the excitable 13-year-old to the (sometimes more despondent) 19-year-old away at college. The projection feature broadcasts the time onto the walls or ceiling with 180º. There are dual alarms, automatic time setting, and (perhaps best of all), an auto switch to daylight savings. Plus, you can play tunes through the speaker, albeit with an aux cable.

Not sure he’ll dig this? How about a groovy eye mask to stuff into his stocking? Or, perhaps he’ll head to bed at a more reasonable hour with these pillow speakers. We kind of love them all.

Price: $30 may seem pricey for an alarm clock, but we promise you're teen will love it as much as we do.


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