If you want to use your Keurig without killing the environment, you want to take a look at this.

  • A clean, full and even extraction of the very best your coffee has to offer
  • Save money by using your favorite coffee
  • No need to remove the Keurig filter holster



Keruig changed the way we view coffee as a society. You can treat yourself to a cup, even if no one else is having one. There’s no need for a pot that sits on the heat (becoming nastier by the second) waiting for the next taker. You can expect Keurig (or Keurig-styled brewers) in every waiting room and every other neighbor’s home. But, you know the problems with the K-cups don’t you?

Okay, there are plenty of delicious and truly worthwhile K-cup flavors. But, if you’re a convert, you might still battle that nagging guilt about the environment. (There’s also that pricing problem.) And, of course, if you’re super serious about your coffee, there’s a very good chance you can’t find a brew that’s right for you. These refillable Ekobrew filters relieves all those problems. You simply create your own K-cups in these reusable, and cleanable containers. Carry them with you if you can’t cope with the cheap, waiting room coffee - or just save some money at home.

The price given is for 2 K-cup compatible filters, but you can buy in bulk too.

What Reviewers Say:

  • First off, I'd like to state that I purchased both the Solofill and the Ecobrew. Both of these products are really great reusable Keurig filters that let you brew your own coffee in a Keurig coffee maker. These essentially let you make your own K-cups with your own coffee... and they're reusable! I would rate the Solofill as 4.5 Stars out of 5 and the Ecobrew as a 5 out of 5 Star Product. The Ecobrew is a bit better than the Solofill because it is easier to rinse out. The Solofill tends to collect grinds at the very bottom and it's very hard to get the few last grinds out.
  • When I first reviewed this, I gave it four stars (I'm a hesitant five-star giver), but having now used it for two weeks, it gets the fully approved 5-star love.
  • I was skeptical about buying another kcup filter when I saw this offered on Amazon, but the video add on the ekobrew website had me sold. I bought the ekobrew Cup before it was available for sale with high hopes, and it has totally lived up to my expectations! My freshly ground coffee tastes better than any Kcup I have ever had! I forgot how good some of the beans I bought were. No Joke. If you are like me and have a few roasts of beans you just love and don't feel like breaking the bank trying every kcup under the sun to find blends that please you then get it. You won't be sorry.


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