Best Wine Glasses for Serious Wine Lovers

Eisch Vino Nobile SensisPlus Multi-Purpose Wine Glasses
  • Noticeable improvement in wine flavor
  • Great quality product
  • Allows wine to breathe

There's no more decanting with these clever glasses; the breathable glass transforms your wine in just a few minutes - not a few hours. 

It's marketed as a red wine glass, but it certainly handles whites better. 


These glasses may not look like anything fancy - and if you're going on looks alone, then you'd be spot on. But, the genius of these glasses is in their ability to aerate the wine you've just poured into them. According to sommeliers and wine professionals across the globe, this breathable glass transforms the quality of your wine in minutes rather than hours. No more decanting! And they are dishwasher safe which means that you don't have to deal with cleanup after enjoying your fantastic wine.

Quality and Materials: These glasses aren't mouth-blown as some of the others are on this list, but they are made of lead-free glass and they're exceptionally high-quality glass too. 

Dishwasher Safe: Considering the aeration ability of these glasses, you might be surprised that they are safe to place in the dishwasher. You have to love that.

Price: At a price of $50 for two glasses (discounted from the MSRP that's closer to $70), you're paying $25 per glass. Considering the quality you get from them, that's not so bad. Not exactly inexpensive, but not so bad. 

Why Buy These Glasses? If you love a glass of wine after a busy day at work and have no time to decant and wait for your wine to breathe, you'll turn to one of the modern aeration gadgets on the market - or to these glasses which do the same thing. Now, you will need to splash out on more than a pair if you entertain often (unless you really do take your decanting seriously), which can become a little pricey. But they offer a classic shape that won't clash with your table setting. And, they're definitely more for white wine... unless it's just the two of you on a busy week night.


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