Eight O'Clock Coffee Colombian Peaks K-Cup (72 Count)

Best for People That Take Coffee Seriously

Why people love it
  • Incredible pricing for the product
  • Brilliantly strong flavor
  • A great cup of coffee, every time

Need a balanced medium roast that still tastes like serious coffee? You’ve just hit the mark. This is a favorite with the guys that take their coffee seriously.

The quality of the cup design leaves something to be desired.


The Eight O’Clock Colombian is a medium roast, yet it’s strangely rich, full bodied and winey. And, if you like the taste of this, you’re not alone. According to barista Lorenzo Perkins, this is the k-cup that would “definitely crush in a consumer taste-test." Those are strong words from someone who does coffee for a living.

You can make this coffee as strong as you like it using your Keurig – and that’s a bonus for a lot of consumers. Larger cups will dampen the richness slightly, without destroying the taste. Still, it’s pretty strong for its medium-roast class. But, you can expect it to remain smooth without bitter tastes at the back.

  • Flavor: The flavor remains regardless of the cup size, which is why we’ve given it high marks in this category. That said, it’s not an overly rich flavor for the beans.
  • Body: You’ll get solid body out of this brew, but it isn’t as recognizable as you will find with other K-cups.
  • Aroma: If you want a coffee that draws everyone towards you, this isn’t the one. But, it’s not terrible either.
  • Price: In this bulk pack, each cup is about 53 cents, which is totally reasonable for a Colombian coffee.

Bottom Line: If you want coffee that tastes like coffee no matter how strong you like it, this is absolutely the one for you. Adjusting the settings makes it possible to drink this at any time of the day – and it’s a solid choice to offer to others.

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