Best Snowboarding Gadget for Smartphone Addicts

REDESS Ski and SnowboardingGloves
  • Keep your hands warm while using your phone
  • Water-resistant, sturdy, and comfortable
  • Reinforced palms, thick insulation

Durable, comfortable, allows you to use your touchscreen with your gloves on, zippered pocket included, securely strapped at the wrist, warm and soft fleece lining, TPU waterproof lining included, PU-reinforced palms, 3M thermal insulation, plus 100% lifetime warranty.

Can be tricky to operate your smartphone until you get the hang of the gloves' design.


Performance: Want to use your phone but HATE cold hands? Give these bad boys a try!

The gloves--made with a TPU waterproof lining, 80 grams of 3M thermal thinsulate insulation, 100 grams of cotton, and a soft microfleece inner lining--are supremely warm and comfortable, and they'll keep the chill out of your fingers as you hit the slopes. However, they come with built-in touchscreen pads in the forefinger and thumb that allow you to use your smartphone or tablet with your gloves on.

Features: These water-resistant snowboard gloves are also touchscreen friendly, made with touchscreen pads to use with all smartphones and touchscreen devices. Additionally, these gloves feature high-grade goat leather and windproof fabric both inside and out. They also come with a removable wrist support. The polyurethane leather reinforcement on the palms will ensure the gloves have a longer lifespan.

Price: Starting at $26, these are a well-priced pair of gloves perfectly suited for skiiers and snowboarders alike. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty. The fact that they make using your smartphone easy is just a bonus!


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