This bad boy can run for 30 days on the low setting, thanks to the LED multi-colored light bulbs integrated into it.

  • Features 4 light settings
  • Water and impact resistant

Instead of lugging around that old Coleman lantern, it's time for an upgrade. It's a water-resistant device that is as rugged as it gets. This lantern doesn't just operate as efficiently as possible; it looks great too.

What Reviewers Say:

With 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon, you know this baby is going to be good. Here's what reviewers say:

  • Read and believe the other reviews about the quality and versatility of this product. I'm just here to say that the first thing I did, just for fun, was to test the "30 day" claim. With a fresh set of batteries, and even turning it up to medium or high from time to time in order to demonstrate to friends, this thing ran continuously for 33 days. It is the real deal!
  • I purchased several of these to test for a high rise NYC apt. building's use after Hurricane Sandy and in preparation for the next blackout. We were looking for something inexpensive, easy and reliable for hallway and stairwell emergency lighting that would last for more than a day or two. The results of our tests were quite remarkable. On three separate occasions/tests, the lanterns ran for over 11 days straight (24/7) on the HIGH setting, which is advertised as lasting for less than 2 days on that setting. The lanterns set for medium ran for 17 days before exhausting the batteries, and the ones set on low are still running over 30 days later. You simply cannot beat these for cost and function. They are well constructed, lightweight and perfect for intended use. The high setting is really HIGH, and the lower settings are perfectly adequate for emergency lighting.
  • Great lantern!! It's a lot of light in a small package. I love how compact it is. It can easily fit in my pack, it's lightweight, has multiple ways to hang it, waterproofing seal and the light output is impressive. I've used it on a couple of camping trips and have been very pleased. Honestly the brightest setting is too much for me at night so I use low or medium. It was the only light source we needed on the trips. I haven't tested the battery life but I've been on two camping trips and used it around the house and yard and no battery change yet. Nice!

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