Eddie Bauer Flying Squirrel Sleeping Bag

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  • Lightweight 
  • Great for summer camping 
  • Versatile 


The interesting design makes this a versatile sleeping bag. It’s filled with a high quality down and is great for summer camping.

Along with the body, the foot box doesn’t close tightly, so it’s not ideal for cold nights. 


This sleeping bag was originally designed as a source of emergency heat, but the design has become popular for summertime campers. It’s also received a nod from Outside Magazine, which calls it innovative.

Now, it doesn’t enclose sleepers completely, but for late summer nights, you may not need anything more. Keep in mind that the lower limit is 40°F before attempting to take this out during early spring. The one size offered is quite long, at 84”, but it’s not totally waterproof. Basically, there are pros and cons, but if you need to have it all – and you don't mind the $300 price tag – definitely give this bag a try.

Fill or insulation type: 850-fill StormDown insulation in a 10D ripstop nylon shell.

Temperature rating: The manufacture’s lower limit is 40°F and the tested comfort temperature is 50°F+. 

Water resistant: Not really. It can’t be closed tightly, so no one can say it’s truly water resistant, no matter what the outer or inner are made of.

Shape, size, and weight: Wrap.

One-size: 84”L x variable sizes. 1lb 7oz. Packs down to 6” x 14” (9L). 

Colors available: Pimento.

Price: It’s $300, but there are plenty of people that aren’t going to mind that.


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