This is the way you've always dreamed life would be. Just drop a silver capsule onto your truck's hookup and drive to the most remote corners of the earth. Unhook it, flip a few switches, assemble a few extra bits and then make yourself comfortable. Ecocapsule could change the way you live in 2016.


There are the obvious benefits to choosing a hard shell over a canvas tent when you want to explore the great outdoors. But, Ecocapsule hardly stopped with the obvious. It works off a combination of wind turbine and solar power; store this energy in the built-in battery to use as you need it. The design also collects rain water and runs it through filters for clean drinking water.

Inside, there's a bed, a tiny (but functional) kitchenette - yes, with built-in hotplates for cooking. You also get a toilet and a hot shower. There isn't a great deal of space, but that's rather the point, isn't it? However, the design does allow for a small amount of storage (accessible from inside and a separate one you can get to from outside). There's also a small ledge to eat and work and opening windows. 

We might be gushing a bit, but that's because the Ecocapsule is HOT, HOT, HOT! Can't wait to get into one? You'll have to, sorry. It's in the functional prototype phase. Prices are expected late in 2015 (though shipping estimates are available) and capsules will only ship in 2016. Still, you won't have to dream about it that much longer!


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