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It’s half the Echo Dot and half the Show, with a small footprint and all the all smart home functionality you’ve come to expect from your Alexa.

It’s currently only available as a pre-order item which should arrive just in time for Christmas, but we won’t know much about its functionality until then.


Details: It’s an Echo with a compact 2.5” screen which means you can see your calendar as well as flash briefings. And, let’s not forget the drop in feature as well as video calling available with the front-facing camera.

It controls smart home devices, just as you would expect, but it also makes for a stunning little media player. The Echo Spot can connect to a Bluetooth speaker and has an audio output port so you can easily link up with any speaker.

We love that it’s $100 less than the Echo Show and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty. We just wish it was available a little bit sooner than 19 December 2017.

Price: At a price of $130, this fits comfortably into the mid-range of Echo products and for the video capability. And, it’s likely to be totally worth the price.

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