Echo Show

Best Christmas Gift for the One that Always Has Her Hands Full

Why people love it
  • Awesome hands-free video calling
  • Sound quality is superb
  • The on screen apps and the functionality are practical and fun

There are still some areas where functionality could be much better – and the Spot (which is $100 cheaper) will be released just before Christmas.


Features: If she’s already a fan of the Amazon Echo (and who isn’t), then she’s going to love this. The Show links into all the apps and Smart home functionality that the Echo does; now it just does it with video.

Video calling and the Drop In features are by far the ones that users enjoy using. Both are far more useful in video than the audio-only Echo can provide. And the other video functions are a real plus. You can easily check who’s at the door or link to your security system.

The unit itself is sturdy, and the video display is crisp and clear – though you do need to remember that it’s only 7”, so it’s not really big enough to watch movies while cooking. Users in the know rave about the sound quality – finding it to be even better than the original Echo.

And, of course, one of the pluses of any of the Echo devices – the Show included – is that Amazon continues to add new apps and functionality, meaning that these become more useful every day that you use them.

Price: At $230, it’s definitely not the cheapest of the lot, but it’s worth it as a gift for the wife that always has her hands full (and the rest of the family too). If you happen to catch it on special (or as a buy 2, save some cash), you need to take the plunge – most users would absolutely splash out on a second Show if they haven’t already.

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