Echo Dot

Best Gift for the Graduate Who’s Always Late

Why people love it


  • Enhances and simplifies your grad’s daily life 
  • Compact size  
  • Simple setup


Helps your grad prepare for school or work by setting alarms, sharing weather forecasts, and arranging transportation. Also plays music and turns compatible lights and other devices off and on.

Requires app downloads for some features. Sound quality could be better. 


Why Your Grad’s Gonna Love It: A lack of punctuality may not have impacted your grad’s life much in high school, but tardiness generally has major repercussions in adult life. The Echo Dot helps your grad prepare for just about anything, whether he needs to schedule an Uber ride to get to an important job interview or set multiple alarms to ensure he doesn’t miss his final exams. It’s a small device, so a roommate won’t gripe that it’s taking up too much space in a cramped dorm or apartment.

Oh, and the Echo Dot also orders pizza, checks credit card balances, and delivers flowers. It’s like having a personal assistant minus the human interaction.

Price: The Echo Dot costs around $50, which is way cheaper than the Amazon Echo and Echo Show.

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