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eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack
  • Your solution to carry everything you could possibly need for work
  • Professional-looking backpack, great replacement for briefcases
  • Comfortable, sturdy, protective of your fragile items
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Limited lifetime warranty, excellent for organizing your items, crush-proof storage pocket for delicate items, highly innovative design, comfortable to carry, large external pockets, padded laptop compartment, good build quality

Plastic shoulder strap hooks prone to breaking, inflexible sides make the bag too large to fit beneath an airplane seat.


Size: This bag is large enough to fit a 16-inch laptop in the padded sleeve, and you’ll find it has more than enough storage space in its front, side, back, top, bottom, and inner compartments to store your cables, cords, plugs, chargers, pens, glasses, mice and travel keyboard, and so much more.

Not only is it well sized (between 15 and 16 liters), but the internal storage compartments make it super easy to stay organized on the go.

Durability: This bag is built to last, using durable nylon that will retain its sleek, stylish appearance even after years of use.

The top handle allows you to carry the backpack like a briefcase when you want to look like a professional, and you’ll love the compartment that allows you to slide your carry-on luggage handle through the backpack flap, ensuring it will never fall off as you roll it through the airport—great for business travelers!

Extra Features: Aside from its excellent storage space, the bag is a business-friendly option thanks to its crush-proof compartment. You’ll be able to carry more delicate items (that fancy mouse, your work glasses, etc.) in the compartment, and they’ll be perfectly safe no matter how much the bag gets manhandled.

For those worried about comfort, this bag is built for a comfy commute. The air mesh panels  in the back keep you from getting sweaty when hauling the bag around all day, and the padded ergonomic shoulder straps will bear the load for you. Plus, with one simple lock (provided with the backpack) you can lock all the compartments for maximum security!

Price: $120 may be a bit pricey for a backpack, but when you see how professional it looks and how much space it offers, you’ll know it was worth every penny.


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