Why people love it
  • Fold them up and carry them around in your backpack or purse
  • Lightweight, very comfortable, and offer good sole protection
  • The perfect pair of shoes to wear at the beach, in the water, and on a boat

Minimal support and for beach use only.


Performance: For those who want footwear to protect your feet at the beach or in the ocean, these water socks (also known as aqua shoes) are the perfect choice. They're slim and lightweight enough that you'll feel like you're walking around barefoot, but the rubber sole will protect your feet from rocks, seashell, sea glass, and other debris.

The shoes don't offer much in the way of support, so only use them when at the beach or lounging on a boat. Thanks to their rubber sole, you'll never slip on a wet deck or slippery rocks.

Design: Made from neoprene (upper) and rubber (sole), these shoes are a fairly durable option. They're designed in the classic slip-on style, with a pull tab that allows you to slide your feet in easily. The collar will grip your ankles, but not so tight you have to struggle to put them on.

The shoes come in a broad selection of colors and styles, and they're a great choice for those who want to wear something colorful and eye-catching at the beach.

Price: Starting at just $13, these are a beautifully-priced pair of water socks that will keep up with your beach volleyball, surfing, rock hopping, and swimming!

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