Easy Snorkel Full Face Mask

Most Comfortable Full Face Snorkel Mask

Why people love it
  • A comfortable mask to use for hours at a time
  • Great field of view; no distortion
  • Anti-fogging and leak-proof

Not effective for bearded men, and the snorkel attachment is prone to breakage.


Comfort: If you plan on doing some serious snorkeling, this is your top pick. Not only does the silicone seal prevent leaks, it also provides cushioning to prevent mask lines. The adjustable straps make it easy for you to get the fit of the mask right without putting too much pressure on your head and face.

Be warned: if you have a heavy beard, the mask's seal may be ineffective and prone to leaking.

Durability: The mask itself is fairly durable. Though it's not made of shatterproof glass or plastic, it can stand up to regular use and is resistant to scratches. However, be careful with the snorkel attachment—the plastic isn't very durable and may break if you're not careful.

Visibility: This mask has a unique flat design that places the mask closer to your eyes than the other rounded masks on our list. This is good for those who like traditional masks, as it will reduce vision distortion. With the 180-degree field of view, you can see everything happening all around you.

Features: The snorkel has built in "Float Tech" that shuts a valve to keep water out of the snorkel. The dynamic breathing chamber will reduce the risk of fogging and keep your mask clear for hours.

Price: This is a mid-priced mask that delivers decent quality and maximum comfort at a cost you can afford.

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