Why people love it
  • Easily digested by most babies
  • One of the first organic baby formulas available
  • Safe, familiar ingredients

A few parents warn that the iron in the formula causes constipation in babies who already have trouble pooping.


Type: Earth’s Best organic formula with iron comes in powdered form. The powder is in a resealable canister with a pop-off lid.

Ingredients: Earth’s Best uses organic, non-GMO ingredients that aren’t contaminated by scary substances like pesticides or steroids. This kosher formula boasts a whey/casein ratio that’s nearly identical to breastmilk, and it has twice as much DHA (a nutrient that helps the brain develop) as other organic baby formulas from different brands.

Ease of Use: This formula comes with a handy scoop, which is great news for parents who don’t want to fumble around looking for measuring cups or spoons during feedings. If you’re prepping formula in advance or have multiple mouths to feed, combine 32 ounces of water with 16 scoops of powder to make one quart of formula.

Price: You can buy 23.2 ounces of Earth’s Best organic baby formula with iron for around $24, which works out to approximately $1.04 per ounce. Not too shabby!

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