Best Fortified Organic Baby Formula

Earth's Best Organic Baby Formula with Iron
  • Easy on the little ones' tummies
  • Best organic formula on the market
  • Affordable for quality ingredients

This formula is patterned after breast milk: high quality protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (DHA & ARA).


Strong smell of iron and fish oil.


Lets face it- no formula is as good as breast milk but Earth's Best makes a close second. Charlotte Vallaeys, a Senior Analyst within the Consumer Safety and Sustainability Program stated that, "organic infant formula remains a safer and a far superior alternative to conventional formula. Organic formula’s milk does not come from cows that were fed GMO feed, given antibiotics or injected with synthetic growth hormones. Organic formula’s sweeteners and oils cannot be GMO, treated with pesticides or extracted with neurotoxic solvents. So the choice between organic or conventional formula is a no-brainer."

Ingredients: For formula, Earth's Best ingredients are as good as they're going to get. Although there is a long list, the main ingredients are lactose, nonfat milk, a few types of oils, vitamins and minerals. The good news is all of the ingredients are organic and non GMO. Also, there are no artifical flavors or colors. 

Taste: Since there is no real way to describe the taste of baby formula, all we can say is that babies love it. You might not enjoy the taste, but it will for sure pass your baby's taste test. 

Packaging: This formula comes in a 23.2 ounce BPA-free can. However, we were a little bummed that it doesn't come with a spoon or scoop.

Price: The average price per ounce for baby formula is anywhere between $0.75-$1.50. Earth's Best will cost roughly $1.14 per ounce making it an affordable choice especially for organic ingredients. We did some research and found that Amazon offers the best price compared to stores. You can save even more if you sign up for a delivery subscription. 




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