Eagletac GX30L2-DR

Best Flashlight for First Responders and Military

Why people love it
  • A high performance light perfect for cops, firefighters, or EMT personnel
  • Waterproof, versatile, and highly reliable
  • Front and side lights, multiple lighting options

Great run time, super bright light, five brightness levels, spot and diffused beam, battery level report system, three output settings, easy to charge, waterproof charging port, fast-charging, and pre-select light setting.

Not the most durable and expect poor customer service.


Purpose: This is one of the best flashlight to have handy if you’re a first responder arriving at the scene of an accident or injury.

The bright spot beam will give you more than enough light to see what you’re doing, but the diffuser beams built into the sides of the flashlight head will also double as an illuminated traffic wand. Though it’s not the most durable flashlight on our list, it’s definitely for our nation's finest who need a very bright, very reliable tool to get the job done.

Performance: The flashlight can generate up to 1700 lumens, thanks to the CREE LED lightbulb. The flashlight comes with 5 brightness levels, which you can cycle through easily.

The button allows you to pre-set the light output for when you switch on the flashlight, so you’ll always have the right amount of light. You can get up to 200 hours of runtime on the lowest setting (20 lumens), and you’ll get just under 2 hours on the VERY bright maximum setting.

The spot beam has a range of 530 yards, and you’ll get a 180-degree circle of illumination from the diffuser beams built into the side of the flashlight head. You can use the spot and diffuser lights alone or together, and the adjustable settings allow you to choose how bright you want the light. Definitely one of the most customizable of the flashlights on our list!

Price: This is definitely one of the pricier options on our list, and one that has a reputation for poor durability and iffy customer service. However, it’s an excellent choice if you need a versatile flashlight to use on emergency calls or while on the job.

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