There's no reason for your luggage to be an untidy mess.

  • Fold your clothes quickly, easily and as flat as possible
  • Zip closed and toss into your luggage

Whether you're travelling internationally or just taking a quick flip over to the next state, you really won't believe how much easier it is to remain organized with these Pack-It cubes from Eagle Creek. This 3-cube set will transform the way you prepare... and keep it together on the move.

What Reviewers Say:

Reviews of this product are almost always favorable. The only real concern seems to be sizing - not that they are too big or small, only that they aren't always the exact size that every traveler needs. And, even though there are 4 color choices, it doesn't seem to be enough for large families traveling together.  That's all up to your travel needs.  What reviewers say, regardless of size concerns, is:

  • I liked these so much that I think I just might get another set for myself! I feel so much more organized now that I have these cubes!!!
  • Took these guys all through Europe for nearly a month. They're stronger than you might think, hold more than you'd guess and keep your bag far more organized than you could ever hope for. If you're going on a trip with only a carry-on like I did I definitely recommend these guys as part of your overall packing!
  • Really good for traveling. I thought maybe I was just wasting my money but it really helped me out. I was able to cram tons of stuff into these things and not having all kinds of stuff roaming free in my bag helped keep my sanity while packing.




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