Dyson V8 Absolute Cord Free Vacuum

Best As Hand-Held or Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Why people love it
  • Long nozzle eliminates the need to bend over when vacuuming floors
  • Cordless design for convenience and surprisingly long battery life
  • Easy charging and storage

Designed for maximum comfort, no need to bend over to vacuum floors; up to 40-minute battery life; designed for all floor types--including hardwood; docking station makes for easy charging; and incredibly lightweight.

This vacuum is VERY pricey and not as effective for deep shag carpets. Also, you can't switch out the battery when it dies (after years of use).


Performance: This is definitely one of the most unique hand held vacuum cleaners on our list. It's cordless and lightweight, yet it looks and functions like your classic upright vacuum cleaners. Your back will thank you as you vacuum your floors and carpets with this bad boy!

Not only is it lightweight, but the long nozzle connecting the grip to the head makes it easy to vacuum without bending over. It feels solid and durable, and it has surprisingly good suction power. You get up to 40 minutes of consistent use with the vacuum cleaner on low setting (or 10 minutes on maximum setting), making it easy to clean your home on a single charge.

When it comes time to store or recharge the battery, simply place it on its docking station. It's easy to store in any closet or cupboard, and it will recharge as it sits waiting for you to pull it out for its next use. It also charges fairly quickly, so you can get two uses in the same day without having to wait for hours. The upgraded placement of the button makes it easier than ever to turn it on and get vacuuming in comfort.

Features: Thanks to the brush rollers built into the head, you can remove ground-in dust, dirt, hair, and dander from your carpets. The carbon fiber filaments in the brush lift and remove all debris and particles from your floors, and can even handle hardwood floors. It may not be the best vacuum cleaner for deep shag carpets, but for most carpets, floors, and furniture, the bristles do a great job. It's particularly effective for cleaning pet hair.

The cordless design means you don't have to worry about dragging a tangling cable behind you. The docking station is easy to use, and can be set up anywhere. It's even built to turn off the vacuum cleaner if the head gets stuck--thus saving on battery life. 

The built-in HEPA filter helps to capture allergens, expelling the cleanest possible air. If you're worried about dust, dirt, pollen, or allergens in your home, this vacuum cleaner is one of the best to use for maximum cleanliness.

Price: At $600, this is the most expensive of the hand held vacuum cleaners on our list. However, if you're looking for something that offers comfort and convenience, it's definitely a vacuum cleaner worth considering!

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