Why people love it
  • Powerful suction
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight

The Dyson V6 Absolute is quite possibly the most powerful handheld on the market. If price isn't an issue for you, this is the one to consider.

Aside from the hefty price tag, the main complaint about this vacuum is the fact that you have to continually press a trigger while vacuuming instead of flipping a switch.


Performance: The Dyson V6 Absolute is everything you'd expect from a Dyson -- powerful suction with 3 power settings made to work on even the thickest carpets. Unlike some of its competitors, you probably won't find any debris left behind on any surface you clean.

Battery Life: This model was improved with a run-time of about 16 minutes as opposed to the 6-minute run-time of the previous model.

Price: While the Dyson V6 Absolute is a little pricey, it still made the list because of its overall power and performance. This is one instance where you get what you pay for!

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