You've seen these sweet Dyson fans before. But, you've never seen them like this. Dyson's latest range plans to change the quality of the air we breathe - while keeping us cool and comfortable all summer long. That's impressive.


Dyson has been using their Air Multiplier technology for awhile. It's allowed them to get rid of those terribly unsightly (and occasionally dangerous) blades to heat and cool our favorite modern rooms. The trouble is that blades or no blades, any time you circulate the air, you're forcing dust and debris particles to circulate too. Even traditional air filters have a difficult time sorting out the ultrafine particles in the air. But Dyson seems to have a solution that's 99.95% effective. Their HEPA filter is designed to catch these ridiculously small particles. Plus, you get the ultra modern styling of these fans in the mix.

We're hoping these will reach the US market before the temperature spikes, but it looks as though Dyson plans to release these babies in Asia first. We understand; the air pollution levels in major Asian cities is a concern. Still, we're not sure how long we can be patient.

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