Dylan's Candy Bar Belgian Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips

Best Christmas Gift for Dads that love to Snack

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Dylan's Candy Bar
Why people love it
  • A one-of-a-kind snack to dazzle his taste buds
  • Salty meets sweet in the perfect treat
  • Rich, delicious, and well-balanced flavors

Pricey product, plus costly overnight shipping.


Why he needs it: Does he have a hard time deciding between sweet or salty snacks? With this gift, you can eliminate that question entirely!

The potato chips are crisp and salty, but dipped in sweet milk or dark chocolate. The combination of flavors will enchant his taste buds in a way he's never tried before. The chocolate won't be too sweet and overpowering, and the chips have just enough salt to provide contrast to the sweetness of the rich chocolate. The pack will be gone before he knows it.

Price: At $30, this is already a pricey snack. Overnight or 2-Day shipping will drive up the price further, but it's a once-in-a-while gift/treat that he will absolutely ADORE!

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